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AEstats v5.21 (Win32/Redhat 7.1 Linux)

File Info: AEstats v5.21 (Win32/Redhat 7.1 Linux)

AEstats v5.21 (Win32/Redhat 7.1 Linux)
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Description: AEstats v5.21 (Win32/Redhat 7.1 Linux)

Here is a cool parser that generates statistics and rankins in cool HTML pages for log files from your 3D shooter server. Binaries for Win32 and SUSE Linux included.

# AEstats - Short Intro
######### 21.10.01 19:52

VER: 5.21

by Christoph 'AEon' Loewe (C) 1998-2001
Commercial use prohibited!

# Intro

Welcome to AEstats... a log analyser for 3D shooters...
with stats and ranking in html format. Visit

for details... News, FAQ, Help, Install, Examples, Files...

This document is for admins who would like to see some stats
under Unreal and Quake II engine games (QuakeII/LithiumII
and Rocket Arena II support), Half-Life 1.1+,
Half-Life Team Fortress Classic and Half-Life Counter Strike
and lots of other games and mods...

Also check out my AEstats++ site at

for the next generation in ranking. Currently under

- complete re-design of æstats output. no longer using frames.
introducing style sheets for total control of the output look.
see the well commented stats/aestats.css file for details. check
out the examples pages on this site for a quick design preview.
- updated strike force (an ut mod) support with 2 new weapon and 4
new suicide obituaries.
- re-design: all output page now are fully internet explorer 5+ and also
netscape 4.7 to 6 compatible (output under netscape used to be pretty
- re-design: all pages have been optimized for a fixed width of 800 pixels.
- re-design: output page code is at least 25% smaller (quicker downloads),
than the old frame version.
- re-design: featuring a top navigation, that is present on every page.
this lets me add new navigation links on the fly.
- re-design: you can now control the colors used in the spectrum and
intensity ranges via aestats.css file.
- re-design: æstats output now is a lot less gfx intense (quicker page
- re-design: updated all the information presented on the output pages,
removed typos etc. also added extra infos previously not available.
- re-design: all tables have been re-coded, to make them easier to read,
produce less html output code and also to remove many small bugs.
- re-design: new vars will let you paste æstats interternal info into the
template pages via

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