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Warlords: Battlecry v1.04 Patch

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File Info: Warlords: Battlecry v1.04 Patch

Warlords: Battlecry v1.04 Patch
Also known as:
Warlords Battlecry 3
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Description: Warlords: Battlecry v1.04 Patch

Here is the latest patch for Warlords: Battlecry bringing your version up to 1.04. See more info on all the changes and fixes.

v1.04 BETA changes/fixes (Not supported by Mattel Interactive):

Undead & Ancient Wisp morph costs now benefit from Magery in the same way that other costs benefit from Merchant skill. They subtract 5 from the Magery skill though, so a hero with a Magery of 27 gets morph cost discounts as if he had a Merchant skill of 22.
Added a small number to the selection circle to indicate which group a unit is currently selected in
Fixed mana values for Magery in the range 30-40.
Grandmastery + Stoneskin now gives +4 armor instead of +3. Note that Stoneskin lasts twice as long as shield
The Acquire spell was dropped from 30 -> 22 mana
Transform now works on Peasants. It no longer works on allied heroes!
Transform has a greater variety of effect, with 20 possible armies available to be transformed into. Also... it affects a maximum of 5 armies at normal level. A maximum of 10 armies with Mastery And a maximum of 15 armies with Grandmastery
Army Balancing:
Battering Ram: Speed 2 -> 3, Hits 100 -> 200, Better Armor
Catapults: Speed 2 -> 3, Damage 70 -> 80
Ballistae: Speed 1 -> 3, Hits 40 -> 50, Better Armor
Earth Elemental: Speed 2 -> 3
Golems were improved
Clay Golem: Hits 100 -> 150, Speed 3 -> 4, Damage 10 -> 20
Stone Golem: Hits 150 -> 250, Speed 4 -> 5, Damage 15 -> 30
Iron Golem: Hits 200 -> 450, Speed 5 -> 6, Damage 20 -> 40

Re-capturing your buildings does NOT set their attitude to Cowardly any longer.

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