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Hellboy: Dogs of the Night ECTS Demo

File Info: Hellboy: Dogs of the Night ECTS Demo

Hellboy: Dogs of the Night ECTS Demo
Dark Horse Interactive
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Description: Hellboy: Dogs of the Night ECTS Demo

This is a rough demo that came straight from 2000's ECTS. Hellboy is a third-person action/adventure game similar to Resident Evil and adapted from Mike Mignola's classic comic book. Note that this demo is missing a setup menu and readme.

This demo did not come with a readme file. The configuration file (hellboy.cfg in your Hellboy directory) indicates these as the action keys:
UP KEY Move Up/Forward
DOWN KEY Move Down/Back
LEFT KEY Turn Left
RIGHT KEY Turn Right
A Run
B Action (Climb steps, etc)
C Attack
X Aim
Y Use Item
Z "button z key" (use unknown)
L Previous Inventory Item
R Next Inventory Item
M Toggle Weapon Items
ENTER Start Key

It appears this game requires a video card that supports DirectX 7.

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