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Diablo Spawn v1.08 Upgrade Patch for Macintosh

File Info: Diablo Spawn v1.08 Upgrade Patch for Macintosh

Diablo Spawn v1.08 Upgrade Patch for Macintosh
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Description: Diablo Spawn v1.08 Upgrade Patch for Macintosh

This file upgrades any Diablo Spawns to version 1.08.

Changes from v1.07 to 1.08

- Adds support for gateways.
- Changes default font so that it is easier to distinguish certain characters while in chat.
- Adds command completion to chat. It can be accessed by pressing the "tab" key.
- Fixes some minor issues.
- Displays cancel dialog in situations when server is busy.
- Color cycling On/Off now appears in options menu. This will help some low end systems and systems with troublesome drivers.
- Spawn is now updated.
- Improved Mac vs. PC multiplayer, modem, and direct connect.
- Added Input Sprocket/multibutton mouse support.
- Added option to share processor time.

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