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Hunt for the Red Baron Demo

Hunt for the Red Baron Demo
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Hunt for the Red Baron Demo
Fiendish Games
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Description: Hunt for the Red Baron Demo

Get behind the controls of a WW1 fighter plane and take to the skies in Fiendish Games' dogfighting extravaganza - Hunt for the Red Baron. Travel to the green fields of France, hot sands of Africa and the desolate setting of a war-torn Belgium, as you take part in 25 unique, action-packed missions. Use your machine guns, rockets and bombs to eliminate enemy fighters and take out key ground targets. Fly four different fighter planes, each with their own feel and handling based on the actual planes themselves.

-Great 3D graphics including procedurally-generated special effects
-3 different dramatic "period" music scores and atmospheric sound effects
-5 different camera views to help you keep an eye on friend and foe in close proximity
-25 missions featuring aerial dogfighting, preventing civilian casualties and destroying ground targets and more - sometimes against the clock
-3 locations to explore: French countryside, African plains and war-torn Belgium

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