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Saints Row 3 - Daedalus, Thermopoly and Stag in Endgame Mod

File Info: Saints Row 3 - Daedalus, Thermopoly and Stag in Endgame Mod

Saints Row 3 - Daedalus, Thermopoly and Stag in Endgame Mod
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Description: Saints Row 3 - Daedalus, Thermopoly and Stag in Endgame Mod

Based on Idolninjas permanent Daedalus mod, I played around a bit in the file. I sucessfully reenabled the Thermopoly and STAG patrolling around the Saints HQ. The Restricted Area around the Saints HQ has not been reenabled. There is a 5 Star one around the Thermopoly though. Has something to do with the model.

-the drawbridges are up. By setting "city_zone_swap("lockdown", true)" to false you can set the drawbridges to closed again. The zombie island ones stay up anyway. Remember, you will loose your stunt jumps this way. I suggest changing this only if you completed all of them.

-Deadalus floating over the city

-Thermopoly reapaired and at its original position in the water. Warning! It has its 5 star restricted area again.

-STAG patrols around the Saints HQ again and show up at 4 star wanted level instead of military. Military vehicles are still available at the military base.

-Traffic in the park disabled. Its annoying that they keep trying to drive through the park

Anyone know how to make the STAG equipment spawn onboard the Deadalus and the Thermopoly like in missions and cutscenes? They look a bit dull without it.

To install simply place in main directory.
If you find any bug or figure somethign out, go ahead and post it here.

Update: Set the triggers to last mission, so Game stays normal until one of the Endings has been played.
new feature: Statue is repaired again.

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