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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Simple Borderless Window Mod v13.3

File Info: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Simple Borderless Window Mod v13.3

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Simple Borderless Window Mod v13.3
Also known as:
Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Sky Rim, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
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Description: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Simple Borderless Window Mod v13.3

SBW is a launcher that launches the game, remove borders, then resize and position the game window. This used to be a simple launcher but in an attempt to make everyone happy, it also has some advanced features.

Read below for installation instructions and more information on this mod.

Simple Borderless Window

SBW is a launcher that launches the game, remove borders, then resize and position the game window.

This used to be a simple launcher but in an attempt to make everyone happy, it also has some advanced features.


1. Launch Skyrim via the normal launcher, "SkyrimLauncher.exe" or using Steam. Select Options then select "Windowed Mode" and your desired resolution (usually the size of your screen resolution).

If the resolution you want is not selectable, you can edit "SkyrimPrefs.ini" in your "Documents\My Games\Skyrim" folder. Just find the lines "iSize H" and "iSize W" and they should be self-explanatory.

2. Move "SBW.exe" into the "skyrim" folder where "TESV.exe" is located, this is usually in "Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim".

3. Run SBW.
3. Run game normally using Steam, SkyrimLauncher or otherwise. Then run SBW.

The game window will be modified in about 15 seconds after SBW is launched. If you can't wait 15 seconds, you can press Alt+Space to modify the window right away.


SBW should detect and run MonochromeWench's 4GB patch and/or Skyrim Script Extender.

Optional BAT Files

I have uploaded optional BAT files as exmaples to help people get started with launching SBW with custom parameters. Download this seperately under "Optional Files". Put the BAT file you want to use in the same folder as SBW and the game.

You can customise them by opening them up in a text editor and editing the second line. Read the "Optional Parameters" section for more on parameters.

SBW_Both.bat: Runs in both Force and Hotkey modes.

SBW_Custom.bat: An example on how to set custom sizes and positions with SBW.

SBW_Hotkey.bat: Runs in Hotkey mode. After launching the game, SBW will exit after you press ALT+Space to resize the window.

SBW_Force.bat: Run in Force mode. This forces the game to minimize when you Alt+Tab. Force mode will help fix the mouse issue that people are having but minimising and maximising the game can require a bit of performance.

SBW_Span.bat: SBW will run the game and will attempt to span the game window accross all your monitors.

Optional Parameters

SBW can be further customised with parameters. By default SBW uses the following parameters:

SBW.exe background=0 force=0 modify=15000 launcher="A" x=0 y=0

All parameters are optional and can be in any order.

Background sets whether or not should remain in the background. This is useful for mod developers who are constantly starting and stopping their game.

If Background is set to 0, SBW will quit after the window is modified. This is the default behaviour.

If Background is a value greater then 0, it will use this value as a interval to check whether or not the game is running and quit if it is not.

If Background is set to a negative number, it will remain in background forever. To quit SBW, use the tray icon menu.

Force mode forces the game to minimise when you Alt+Tab. To turn on, set "force=1". Best used when SBW remains in background. Force mode can also be toggled in the tray menu.

SBW will try to modify the game window intervally, how often it does so is determined by this parameter. The parameter must be in milliseconds.

If Modfiy is set to 0 or a negative number, then the SBW won't modify the window unless the hotkey is used.

The executable that SBW should launch. The name of the launcher can not contain any spaces.

If set to "A", SBW will try to find the appropriate launcher automatically.

Height and Width:
Sets the size of the game window, self-explanatory. By default, SBW detects the size of your primary monitor.

You can specify "A" if you want SBW to determine your size automatically, this will use all monitors.

If the size is bigger or smaller then the game resolution, then it'll add black borders or crop the image.

X and Y:
The position to move the game window to, self-explanatory. By default, SBW uses 0 for X and Y which should be the top left of your primary monitor.

You can specify "A" if you want SBW to find the top left corner of your top left most monitor automatically.

Other Parameters:
If you use a parameter that SBW doesn't recognise, it will pass it on to the launcher executable.

For example, if you use "SBW.exe force=1 -noskse" or "SBW.exe -noskse background=-1", it will launch the game with "skyrim4gb.exe -noskse" if you have the 4GB launcher installed.


Here is a list of issues and some tips on how to avoid them.

SBW not modifying game window or doing anything:
Although normally not needed, run SBW as administrator or disable UAC.

Brightness doesn't effect the game:
Known issue with a lot of games, even in games not made by Bethesda. Mods in the future can fix this. In the meantime FXAA Injector can help: After downloaded and installed, edit "injFX_Settings.h" in the game folder. Change the value in the self-explanatory "#define Gamma" line.

Lower FPS:
Window mode is known to lower FPS on some hardware and increase in others.

Screen tearing:
Make sure VSync is on.

This can also happen if you use a resolution that you can't normally pick in the launcher options.

Black bars or borders:
Ideally you want the window to be modded on the main menu. So increasing Modify interval using parameter might help. Another alternative is to use the Hotkey or SBW_Hotkey.bat.

Turning off the Bethesda start splash screen might help, since it will allow you to get to the menu faster. Do so by editing "Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Skyrim.ini" and adding "SIntroSequence=" under the "General" section. Exmaple:

Make sure your resolution in Skyrim is set properly.

Program not responding or white screen or windows loading cursor:
Alt+Tabbing during loading screens is a bit risky, do so with caution. Bethesda actually disables Alt+Tab during loading screens in full screen and with good reason.

Mouse cursor not appearing when Alt+Tabbing:
Try Force mode or SBW_Force.bat.

SBW not working with 4GB launcher:
Unknown parameters such as "+fullproc" will make 4GB launcher not work. Read the description for what parameters you can use with the 4GB launcher at:

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