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Crysis 2 - Blackfire's Mod

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Crysis 2 - Blackfire's Mod
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Description: Crysis 2 - Blackfire's Mod

Still not satisfied with the DirectX 11 patch? Expected more? Do you still think Crysis 2 has a graphical potential greater than was shown so far? Are you expecting something that really causes a significant change in the look of the game? Here's what we all waited. After two months of development, Blackfire's Mod 2 was developed to offer the best that CryEngine 3 can do terms of lighting, together with the beauty of DX11 features.
Vivid colors, detailed shadows, along with a redesigned lighting, makes Blackfire's Mod 2 one experience that you will not believe that your machine is capable of.

Requires the Maldor's HD Texture Pack Mod to function.

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