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Grand Theft Auto IV - SuperMan Mod v2.0

File Info: Grand Theft Auto IV - SuperMan Mod v2.0

Grand Theft Auto IV - SuperMan Mod v2.0
Also known as:
GTA 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, GTA IV
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Description: Grand Theft Auto IV - SuperMan Mod v2.0

Protect Liberty City as SuperMan with this mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. Or just fly around all day, the choice is yours.

1. Download OpenIV (, you may have to run ClearConfig.cmd in the folder if you have used it before and are getting errors with the program now.
2. Backup your anim.img located in pc/anim folder of your game DIR.
3. Run OpenIV, browse to pc/anim/anim.img and open in Edit mode.
4. Drag the parachute.wad from the extras folder in this ZIP into OpenIV.
5. Click File, then Rebuild, close OpenIV

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