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GeeXLab v.0.2.10

GeeXLab v.0.2.10
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GeeXLab v.0.2.10
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Description: GeeXLab v.0.2.10

GeeXLab (or GXL) is a new tool for fast real time 3D prototyping and coding. It's based on widely used standards such as XML, Lua, Python or OpenGL. GeeXLab has been designed for developers (from newbies to confirmed) and technical 3D artists.

GeeXLab is particularly well suited to quickly create and prototype real time 3D solutions: demos, benchmarks, little applications or games. It's also a fantastic tool to start learning programming and real time 3D programming.

GeeXLab can be used as a sandbox for your real time 3D experimentations.

A more detailed presentation of GeeXLab is available here: GeeXLab: Laboratory for Real Time 3D Learning and Experiments.

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