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Crysis 2 - Beyond Extreme Graphics Config

File Info: Crysis 2 - Beyond Extreme Graphics Config

Crysis 2 - Beyond Extreme Graphics Config
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Description: Crysis 2 - Beyond Extreme Graphics Config

Up your graphics settings beyond EXTREME with this config file. Notes:

-better shadows
-better water reflections
-farther view distance
-postMSAA disabled
-V-sync enabled
-texture streaming DISABLED
-physics done on 4th CPU core
-max fps is 60

This config is in it's infancy and is expected to change. To install, rename the file to autoexec.cfg and place in your Crysis 2 folder.

Try it if you want, but I consider it far from finished.

Edit: This just goes to show that you can mod crysis 2 without owning crysis 2 yet lol. I had a friend take the pics.

Update: I'm trying to find out how to get FSAA working. Friend went to bed, so that will have to wait until I get the game tomorrow

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