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Fallout: New Vegas - For The Enclave Mod

File Info: Fallout: New Vegas - For The Enclave Mod

Fallout: New Vegas - For The Enclave Mod
Otellino and CNC
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Description: Fallout: New Vegas - For The Enclave Mod

For the enclave is a mod designed to bring back the enclave and as you guessed join it.The current design and plan is after the fall of the oil rig and east coast the enclave have splintered and in a civil war under leadership and there ideology about the wastes, this is only a taster on things to come. It comes with 3 quests already; A underground base enclave radio (special thanks to CGRust - awesome work ( voice acting.

To join the enclave the player must be level 15 and must have talked or killed Benny and walk though certain locations in the game (if you don't like fast travel the locations will come up soon for people who use fast travel alot look in the spoiler section)

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