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Fallout: New Vegas - Fellout NV Mod

File Info: Fallout: New Vegas - Fellout NV Mod

Fallout: New Vegas - Fellout NV Mod
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Description: Fallout: New Vegas - Fellout NV Mod

"Fellout NV removes the orange tint from most areas and creates a realistic lighting environment. It does this indoors and out. Static lighting is usually a bit darker, but has a longer range (or a larger "pool") while ambient lighting is reduced. Your PipBoy light isn't as bright, but extends well over twice as far as it did before.

The weather modes are overhauled and given realistic brightness, realistic colouring and realistic lighting. There's a night now (because the game sure didn't have any nights) which gets pretty dark, the daytime desert haze fades off into the distance naturally, hell you can almost feel the desert sun beating down on your neck!"

This file was featured in the New Vegas Mods: Battlecattle Inside FileBlog.

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