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Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod

Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod
Download Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod
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File Info: Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod

Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod
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Description: Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod

If you reach 1,000 radition points you will faint and awake as a Ghoul. This will unlock a new quest along with reducing your charisma by 3 and granting you HP regen while in radiation(100 rads = 1 HP).

Installation Instructions:
- Place the Ghoul.esp in your data folder
- Place radiationradio1.wav in Data\Sound\FX\radexp
- Place ghoul.bik in Data\Video
(not placing the videofile in that folder will result in the game crashing)

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