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Dragon Age: Origins - Respec Mod

Dragon Age: Origins - Respec Mod
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File Info: Dragon Age: Origins - Respec Mod

Dragon Age: Origins - Respec Mod
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Description: Dragon Age: Origins - Respec Mod

This modification pokes around with your character statistics, use it at your own risk. Make a savegame before you try it. For more details read below in more information...

Use "bin_ship\daupdater.exe" from your Dragon Age Origins installation directory to install downloadable content.

UPDATE - 1.2 Beta is released
The next update is out and ready for testing. The client should not crash anymore and properly reset mage class characters. The respecialization of DLC bonus character Shale is disabled for the time being until its abilities are mapped and implemented.

Just like previously, the v1.2 source code and 2da override files are also available as a separate download.

Looking forward to any feedback!

How you can do it will be a little riddle!
Here is a hint: There is something strange in the camp. It might worth investigating around the big fallen tree!

Or you can take a look at the gallery if you don't like the challange


Use "bin_ship\daupdater.exe" from your Dragon Age Origins installation directory to install downloadable content.

In case you experience serious problems and wish to remove the addon, all you have to do is delete the "WRK_RESPEC_MOD" folder from:
Documents\\BioWare\\Dragon Age\\AddIns\WRK_RESPEC_MOD

This mod pokes around with your character statistics, use it at your own risk.
At least make a savegame before you try it.

This mod does not give you any kind of abilities you did not have unlocked before!
You will still have to unlock your specializations before you can use them. This mod is intended for those who feel they made the wrong choices when they were new to the game not for those who wish to cheat the system.

! ! ! !
The mod does not take into account the level of your character or the unlocked specialization paths you have. Be wary when resetting characters early in the game without having any specializations aquired to respend the specialization point
! ! ! !

Version History
1.0 Initial release
1.1 - Fixed doubled attribute points on the level up screen
1.1 - Fixed compatibility issue with Crag Graff's Storage Chest mod
1.1 - Temporary workaround Virulent Walking Bomb and Tempest Mage spells crashing the client.
1.1 - Fixed issues with wrong target when the potion used from the character stat page
1.1 - Fixed issue with effects staying on the character after the removal of the ability that grants it
1.1 - Fixed issue with stealthy characters remaining in stealth after removal of Stealth rank 2.
1.2 - Fixed the client crashes upon resetting casters (hopefully, only could test with premade characters)
1.2 - Disabled resetting of DLC character Shale until the abilities are implemented

Known Issues
- At the moment Shale can not be fully resetted.
- The attribute counter seems to be capped at 100, but the attributes are counted properly. This is most probably a GUI bug not a problem with the mod itself. After spending some points, if you reopen the level up screen you can spend the rest of the attribute points.

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