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Halo v1.09 Patch

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File Info: Halo v1.09 Patch

Halo v1.09 Patch
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Description: Halo v1.09 Patch

Patch updates Halo to version 1.09 fixes an error causing buffer overrun errors and a client loop exploit.


For Win98 and XP systems:

Extract the patch_109.exe from the Zip archive and place it anywhere on your system.

Double click on the patch_109.exe to run. Follow instructions.

For Windows Vista

Extract the patch_109.exe from the Zip archive and place it anywhere on your system.

Right click on the patch_109.exe and select "Run As Administrator". Follow instructions.

Note from Rogert Wolfson - Bungie

The final patches for PC and CE 1.09 are ready and available for download. This is the same build you've had for a few weeks if you've been following the thread, only the installer-wrapper is added. If people report success installing these patches, they will go up for auto-update soon, which should help unify the playerbase on the new version.

This is also the first time we've added a "Bungie, LLC" digital signature to anything (instead of going through the Microsoft internal tool for doing that) so let me know if you see anything wrong there.

sawnose | Superuser

Autoupdates are up for PC, CE. And I believe the Mac patch is available too.

CE should let you play online now.

Please start spreading the word on community sites that everyone should update to the latest dedicated servers. (the file is bundled with the client install package; when you update your client, the haloded.exe will be in that directory.)

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