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Left 4 Dead - Death Row Campaign Map

File Info: Left 4 Dead - Death Row Campaign Map

Left 4 Dead - Death Row Campaign Map
Daniel Saleck Grayshon
Also known as:
Left For Dead
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Description: Left 4 Dead - Death Row Campaign Map

Survivors must battle their way through a city to a prison on the outskirts of town, get inside and radio for assistance.


Viewing ChangeLog and revision notes for SUICIDE BLITZ.

Aware of a huge bug at the beginning of Finale map. No health or ammo and this IS NOT intended. Will fix asap and update the download page.

Any bugs/comments please visit me at and use the Contact Me link at bottom of the page. Other contact alternatives in the readme.txt.


*This campaign is released with music as is. Meaning there is a bug in the music that should theoretically be fixed by Valve sometime soon and not require a vpk update. You will hear a random klaxon alarm sound when zombies burn...sorry. I plan on releasing an update to this campaign for bug fixes and improved VS gameplay sometime in the near future. Versus is not how I would like it to be at this time. The geometry needs a major change to ween it away from the coop version to more of a versus game dynamic.

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