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Battlefield 2: Special Forces - Total War Realism Mod Patch V.5.0.4

File Info: Battlefield 2: Special Forces - Total War Realism Mod Patch V.5.0.4

Battlefield 2: Special Forces - Total War Realism Mod Patch V.5.0.4
Also known as:
BF2: Special Forces
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Description: Battlefield 2: Special Forces - Total War Realism Mod Patch V.5.0.4

This patch fixes and Tweaks many bugs found in previous versions, such as Infinite Ammo on Mounted/stationary guns, and Shotgun Damage was too High it is now lowered.

V 5.0

Added Support for 1.5 Patch, All the new maps with AI, and the Total War Realism Settings.

Tweaked EU Kits and Loadouts.

Tweaked EU Weapons Accuracy/recoil.

Made all new maps 64 Player size only for total war.

V 5.0.2

Fixed Crashing Bug on SP Maps

V 5.0.3

Mostly EU Faction Tweaks and Changes.

lowered the explosion radius on the grenade launchers significantly,
This was almost Halved. because before it was way to high, and you
were always getting killed by 203's/gp30's because the explosion radius was so high. this is now fixed.

Made EU L86 GL More deadly, on par with GP30 and M203

Made HK46 EU Machine gun more accurate when in appropriate posistions

Increased EU Sprint times to be on par with USMC/CHINA/MEC

Edited the Hk53a3 to be a tid bit more accurate.

FAMAS Works very well now.

L96A1 Is very accurate and deadly now, as intended.

Removed Boat wars And Sea Wars maps, as they do not apply to the theme of the mod/Also they were crashing for some
Unknown reason.

For some reason the AT Rockets splash damage was taken out in the 5.0.2 release, I reinserted it so it has a
Splash damage effect, so it can take out multiple enemies when placed right, as in previous versions.

V 5.0.4

added magazines to mounted weapons, with reload ability, no more infinite ammo on the mounted guns.

Lowered the damage of the shotguns (Norinco, Benelli, Siaga, M116), Before a bot could kill you one shot from 20+ Meters.

Made all Stationary weapons With Ammo Capacity, No more Infinite Ammo.

Made all the Coaxial MG's with appropriate ammount of ammo/magazines.

Made the Helocopter's Missles, the Hydra and The TV Guided missle to do More damage/have larger explosion radius.
The hydra missles take out infantry fairly well, mainly on tanks/armor works very well, TV guided missle works
great vs. All, and has a large explosion radius.

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