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World of Warcraft Patch v3.2.0 to v3.2.0a (Russian)

Download World of Warcraft Patch v3.2.0 to v3.2.0a (Russian)
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File Info: World of Warcraft Patch v3.2.0 to v3.2.0a (Russian)

World of Warcraft Patch v3.2.0 to v3.2.0a (Russian)
Blizzard Entertainment
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Description: World of Warcraft Patch v3.2.0 to v3.2.0a (Russian)

A minor bug fix patch to version 3.2.0a. This sort of patch is very small in size, and we use them to fix specific issues.

Issues addressed with this patch:
Fixed an exploit players were using with / commands.
Fixed a performance issue with players logging into the game.
Fixed an issue with Mac clients freezing near water.
Fixed a crash Mac clients were experiencing with shadows on Fixed Function cards.
Fixed an art issue with Freya Hard Mode where the light beams were visually too hard to see.
Fixed an issue with Loaner mounts requiring Cold Weather Flying.
We will be bringing all realms down very soon for this small, but urgent patch. Downtime is expected to be quite minimal, as only rolling restarts will be required. Updating your game client will take only a small download.

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