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Halo: Combat Evolved - INFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

File Info: Halo: Combat Evolved - INFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halo: Combat Evolved - INFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Description: Halo: Combat Evolved - INFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a halo ce gametype called ZOMBIE but, it is also refered to as INFECTION the further description is in the readme.

OK u have downloaded a simple gametype i have posted this for a good reason
i like to play the HALO 3 invented game INFECTION people play it on HALO cutom edition too but people dont know how
to make gametypes or something like that i dont know why but here is the requested file by my friends so here is INFECTION

How to install:
1. copy the folder named ZOMBIE
2. go to my documents
3. open My Games folder
4. open savedgames
5. and paste the folder and you r done
6. open halo CE and u have the gametype
7. play with friends

ME The Master Caleb
Halo PC name : {K10}Caleb and Caleb
Halo CE name: {K10}Caleb and maybe some other ones in the future

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