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Crysis - UpInFlames.pak

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File Info: Crysis - UpInFlames.pak

Crysis - UpInFlames.pak
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Description: Crysis - UpInFlames.pak

A Skin and Mod pack for Crysis.

How to use:
Extract the z_UpInFlames.pak file into your Crysis/Game folder.

Delete the z_UpInFlames.pak file from your Crysis/Game folder.

Make sure you're Textures setting is on HIGH or better or you won't see the new textures.

Pack has 2 parts (Skins and Scripts).
Script changes require you to start a new game.
If just using skins they will work on new and saved games.
If you don't want the Skins then open the .pak file and delete the "Objects" folder.
If you don't want the Scripts then open the .pak file and delete the "Scripts" folder.

Assault Scope
Reflex Sight
Sniper Scope
Socom (pistol)
SCAR Magazine (Standard and Incendiary).

Starting a new game enables the new options for the SCAR.
Added Assault scope, Sniperscope, Grenade Launcher, LAM Rifle and Incendiary Ammo.
Socom changed to fire only Incendary Ammo.
Changed Silencer properties on SCAR so max damage stays inside 50m. After that damage drops .1 per meter like default bullet.
Changed Silencer properties on Socom so max damage stays inside 25m. After that damage drops .5 per meter.
SCAR Incendiary ammo max damage is 165 points.
Socom Incendiary ammo max damage is 100 points.

Starting Ammo:
300 rounds Incendiary
300 rounds Standard
100 Rifle grenades
300 rounds Socom Incendiary.

Dropping the Socom displays the Scar Incendiary Mag attached.
Socom Double Tap icon does not display as Incendiary even though it is.

Made by WarPig.

Copyright info...use whatever you want, however you want.

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