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Unreal Tournament 3 - CTF-TwistedFACE-ULTRA (PS3)

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File Info: Unreal Tournament 3 - CTF-TwistedFACE-ULTRA (PS3)

Unreal Tournament 3 - CTF-TwistedFACE-ULTRA (PS3)
Gary "NeoGzus" Malmgren
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT2007 / UT2k7
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - CTF-TwistedFACE-ULTRA (PS3)

A aesthetically updated version of the classic UT map FACING WORLDS, plus some new features(back door, night-day cycle, hiding spots in the bases)

FINALLY I've finished this bad boy! with a kick in the ass from Nighteye (thanks for your support homie!)
Fixed as many bugs as I could with the help of a few testers and user feedback. This IS the FINAL version. U guys can thank nighteye for gettin me to work on it more. He help with some of the littlest details.
I got a night and day cycle goin on with the rotation of the planets(yes, this time EVERYTHING spins) Lots of little tweaks, but there's still the spacewalk if you go out of bounds in some places.

I knocked it down from 800k polys to 540k polys, the frame rate is great for such a busy scene.

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