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Team Fortress 2 - CTF impact2

Team Fortress 2 - CTF impact2
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File Info: Team Fortress 2 - CTF impact2

Team Fortress 2 - CTF impact2
Also known as:
Half-Life: Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms [working title]
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Description: Team Fortress 2 - CTF impact2

Make an impact in another great TF2 map by Vilepickle!

Author's Notes:

Impact - ctf_impact



Title: ctf_impact
Version: FINAL 2.0
Filename: ctf_impact.bsp
Created By: David Lohmeyer - REV6|VilePickle
Author Email:
Type: CTF
Compile Date: 1/14/2008
Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2 -> Beta 3 -> Beta 4 -> CEVO Contest -> Final 1.0


-Sky clip above the roof outside raised higher.
-The top flag ramp has had the trim on the side removed that cause players hugging the wall to get stuck.
-Skylight room front entrance opened up completely, removing the large chokepoint there.
-Side entrances have been widened significantly, removing the small chokepoints there.
-These entrance changes are meant to focus the chokepoint on the flagroom rather than entrances, which is what Impact has been about in the past.
-Skylight requires slightly less damage to break.
-Optimization added to the center and to the RR area.
-Reduced the number of entities in the entire map.
-A path has been added from the side route to the front of the bases so people aren't so locked in when choosing their route.
-Outside lighting tweaked.
-The dead end side path in the bases has been shortened to lessen the confusion.

-Skylight glass is now breakable and rebuilds in 3 minutes. It takes about a full clip of demoman pipes to break and you can only break the enemy's glass. This should allow more free access to sentries embedded in the flagroom.
-One outside side route has been completely removed from the map. This should focus combat into more defined areas.
-The elevator entrance has been removed from the map.
-A side entrance has been added at the front of each base to reduce congestion through the single front entrance.
-Various texture, clipping, and detail changes.
-Lighting has been redone in some areas so it isn't just all lanterns.

Internal beta playtested - not publicly released

-Tunnel system has been cut from the map. The only remaining section is to reach the enemy elevator.
-Bases are closer together, reducing travel time.
-Blue base has been thematically retextured to not confuse people, as well as some other areas.
-The capture point has been moved to your flag instead of the sniper deck.
-Many areas have had their lighting tweaked.
-Ladders are more visible as ladders.
-Other details added.



Program: Hammer
Known Bugs: None
HDR: Yes
Compile PC: Core 2 Duo 6400, 2GB RAM



Original Design: [WM]Kordos, 1998
Textures: Team Fortress 2
Playtesters: REV6, BB, Foom, -X-

©2008 David Lohmeyer.
All Rights Reserved

Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.

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