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Asus A7A 266 v1007

This is the bios version 1007 final of the A7A266 motherboard by Asus.
Size: 138 KB
Downloads: 777
Date: 9/20/2001
Rating: 3 / 5

Iwill BIOS 686B

These are two new bios' for the KA266/R and KK266/R. The KA266/R fixes intermitent reboot issue, and increases memory performance. The ...
Size: 618.9 KB
Downloads: 435
Date: 4/19/2001
Rating: 2 / 5

IWill KK266 & KK266-RBios v10.22.2001

This is a zipped up file of both the KK266 and KK266-R version Award Bios 10.22.2001 bios for your IWill motherboard. These are both .b...
Size: 140.4 KB
Downloads: 722
Date: 5/1/2001
Rating: 3 / 5

K7T266Pro BIOS 10c

May improve memory performance for those using 256MB DDR modules.
Size: 780.5 KB
Downloads: 556
Date: 4/28/2001
Rating: 3 / 5


Here is the most recent updated bios for the KG7 Motherboard.
Size: 164.3 KB
Downloads: 192
Date: 8/14/2001
Rating: 2 / 5

MSI K7T266 Bios 1.0C

This is the AMI BIOS version 1.0B Beta BIOS release.
Size: 458 KB
Downloads: 296
Date: 5/3/2001
Rating: 4 / 5

MSI MS-6380LE Bios Upgrade v1.6

Here are the v1.6 drivers for the MS-6380LS motherboard by MSI. This version reduces Windows XP S3 resume time.
Size: 487.7 KB
Downloads: 235
Date: 9/13/2001
Rating: 1 / 5

Tyan K7 Thunder v2.06 (AMD 760-MP) Bios File

The latest bios file adds support of Console Redirect, hardware monitor, SST 28SF040 flash part support, Power Loss recovery, keyboard/...
Size: 366 KB
Downloads: 247
Date: 6/20/2001
Rating: 4 / 5

VIA AGP 4-in-1 v4.10b Drivers

Here are some Microsoft certified VIA AGP drivers for the 4-in-1 boards. This driver has been designed to enhance performance under Win...
Size: 5.3 MB
Downloads: 1,642
Date: 3/15/2002
Rating: 3 / 5

VIA Chipset 4in1 Drivers

This is the 4 in 1 driver for motherboards with via chipsets.
Size: 1.4 MB
Downloads: 827
Date: 3/29/2004
Rating: 3 / 5

VIA Hyperion 4in1 v4.45

VIA Hyperion 4in1 v4.45.
Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 739
Date: 12/10/2002
Rating: 4 / 5

VIA v4.38 final drivers

Here are the 4-in-1 drivers for the VIA MB Chipset. These are to be considered Beta drivers since they are not yet posted on their offi...
Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 2,680
Date: 3/22/2002
Rating: 3 / 5
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