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Counter-Strike: Source - Bot navigation-mesh pack

File Info: Counter-Strike: Source - Bot navigation-mesh pack

Counter-Strike: Source - Bot navigation-mesh pack
Also known as:
Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Counter-Strike: Source - Bot navigation-mesh pack

Hand-tuned and placepainted Nav-files inside.

Nav-meshes for the official CS:Source-Bot

Counter-Strike Source

Extract *.nav to: ...\cstrike\maps


cs_compound (official), cs_havana (official), cs_italy (official), cs_office (official)
de_atown_v1, de_aztec (official), de_dust (official), de_kilo2, de_redheat, playground_x_s

cs_twilight, cs_xcom

de_dust2 (official), de_dust_pcg, de_cbble (official), de_chateau (official), de_inferno (official),
de_piranesi (official), de_port (official), de_prodigy (official),
de_tides (official), de_train (official),

cs_backalley_bracket, cs_docks_djfinal, cs_italy_reloaded_final, cs_siege_sp,

de_canal, de_courthouse_final, de_lochs2, de_losttemple, de_thc65, de_vacant, de_velvet_east

cs_dracula, de_fuelworks, de_jor1_b2, de_melodys, de_monach, de_venice,
fy_rocks, sc_ravenholn

cs_area35, cs_militia_bymicosv1, de_castiglion, de_nougat, de_penn, de_thematrix

cs_churchs, css_galleria, de_cpl_fire_b2, de_crimson, de_fuelworks, de_massawa

cs_october, de_vertigo_css_night, pcs_junglerescue_b4

de_church_Marq2, de_coldfusion, de_commlink, de_kneedeep_ztg, de_the_tomb

All Nav-meshes are optimized by hand and are placepainted.
I recommend at least 1Gig RAM for CS:S bot-play.

Have fun! CoCoNUT, 11.09.2005

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