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World of Warcraft - Blackwing Lair Raid

World of Warcraft - Blackwing Lair Raid
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World of Warcraft - Blackwing Lair Raid
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Description: World of Warcraft - Blackwing Lair Raid

Elite Chaos, an Alliance guild on the Bleeding Hollow (PvP) server presents a video featuring some Blackrock Mountain PvP and the defeat of the first two encounters in Blackwing Lair.

"Elite Chaos invaded the long awaited Blackwing Lair on the patch day. What did we find? A whole slew of bugs to play around with. Despite running into seemingly impossible to overcome, encounter breaking bugs, we refused to succumb to them. After carefully analyzing the bugged boss fights, paying attention to every little detail, we were able to develop strategies to deal with the bugs. We then proceeded to defile the place, defeating Razorgore the Untamed and Vaelastrasz the Corrupt for the first time on Bleeding Hollow."

- Video by Chaknor the Paladin President

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