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Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour Release 2.5 Full Install

File Info: Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour Release 2.5 Full Install

Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour Release 2.5 Full Install
Derelict Studios
Also known as:
C&C Generals Zero Hour, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
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Description: Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour Release 2.5 Full Install

This modification for C&C Generals: Zero Hour places the player in charge of the Allies, Soviets, or Germans in spectacular WWII battles. There is a skirmish AI and five-mission German campaign, but the best fights always come from multiplayer.

Acclaimed by computer gaming magazines and websites worldwide, the most popular mod for C&C Generals and Zero Hour returns after a year and twelve days of dormancy! In Release 2.5, all sides experience a dramatic visual, audio, and balance overhaul. Hundreds of tiny improvements, such as new locomotors that both give tanks accurate speeds to history and let tanks move backwards and have constantly rumbling engines, particleFX that dramatically improve battlefield immersion, new unit responses, dramatic explosions, and new conditionstates for practically all units, as well as major differences such as new models and skins for the majority of the units ingame, make for a superbly balanced and beautiful Total Conversion. Find out what the hype is all about! Dust off your Zero Hour CDs and experience a whole new game!

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