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Desert Combat Final - Sulmaniya Map

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Desert Combat Final - Sulmaniya Map
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Description: Desert Combat Final - Sulmaniya Map

here comes a multiplayermap of sulamaniya, which is situated in eastern iraq close to iran. the map contains a huge sierra landscape with a major city in its centre.

For those who love using the heli, the maps gives you plenty of opportunity to practice your flying skills and discover the different areas of the landscape. Still there are loads of nice urban closequartercombat areas around.

Thanks to the people who built gauntlet and urban siege, since I took loads of info out of their files and borrowed quite some objects. Cheers to you, guys.

I hope I will manage to accomplish some AI support in an addon later.

I really hope that you enjoy the map and I would REALLY appreciate some feedback or suggestions how to improve the map.

Hope to get some feedback, enjoy,


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