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Doom 3 - Realistic Weapons Mod

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File Info: Doom 3 - Realistic Weapons Mod

Doom 3 - Realistic Weapons Mod
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Description: Doom 3 - Realistic Weapons Mod

I wanted to make a mod that felt like it wasnt so unrealistic but without taking out the doom feel so here is what I came up with. It adds scopes altfire and other features

AIM: goon764


I have made alot of changes to the weapons ill just go down the list.


Right click is right punch and lieft click is left punch. There is no more auto punch (ie you have to keep clicking). Reduced the damage a lilttle. Made the fists skin look alittle better( not so smooth) Increased the animation speed.


Made real Semi-Auto fire (you have to click to fire no more holding) added a 3 shot burst that is auto but the firerate is lower.


Reduced the spread of pump reduced a pretty good amount. Added Auto and increase the spread.


Added auto fire and made a new spread function (like in real life you have to use controled bursts no more full auto, the spread start at 1 and goes all the way to 40 depending on how long you hold it trust me its good.) Added 3 shot burst. Added semi auto (real semi auto)

Chain Gun:

Increased the clipsize to 150. Increaseed the barrel speed. Added the spread function thats on the machingun but it goes from 7 to 70.


Took out most of the bounce and reduced the fuse to 2.4.


Added back the glowing effect on the plasma balls (so wehn you shoot down somewhere dark its kinda like a light coming off the ball it looks alot better and no performance hit.) increased the speed or the projectile a little bit.


Added a scope, 2x zoom and 10x zoom.


Included Trent Reznors sound pack

Well hope you guys like it send me any comments suggestions, im also working on a boxing mod for doom lol so that will be out in a a couple of weeks.

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