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GTA - Vice City: 7 New Places To Visit

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File Info: GTA - Vice City: 7 New Places To Visit

GTA - Vice City: 7 New Places To Visit
** The Airwolf 2004 MOD TEaM **
Also known as:
GTA: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City
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Description: GTA - Vice City: 7 New Places To Visit

*** The Airwolf 2004 MOD TEaM ***
Ultimate Accesible interiors mod VIDEO
16th December 2004
This Video Will Serve as a tutorial on how to get to each place
as you can see were you are on the Little Map in the corner
7 new locations fully unlocked within the game


This Video Shows a new Mod
Will Provide FULL Walk In Access To The Following 7 Locations

haitiN - Ma Poulettes
haiti - Printworks
downtows - Greasy Joes Bikey Bar
downtown - Love fist stage
downtown - Recording studio
washintn - Ken Rosenbergs Office
washints - Marcos Bistro

Although these places are seen in cut scene videos and some are available during missions, BUT
at the end of the game There ALL inaccessible,
so we've open'd them Fully and we mean full walk in access.
1 of them for example though, you realize marcos bistro is only in gta3?, so
a no name building is modded & added (gta3 Bistro) sign outside and mafia room Inside
(as we cant move it's origional as its used by the ingame animation scenes)
[to complicated to explain] but we couldn't mess with the DFF & COL as its used ingame,
so we duplicated it & mapped it best we could, to fit the city (as its not ment to be there)
most of the other locations are were there ment to be.
Theres no crashing during missions or standard free roaming.
no need for teleporters, trainers or jetpacks like previous peoples releases of this idea
as COL's have been created to let you just walk in.
Some actual rockstar DFF's also had to be re-edited to show an open door
and void the standard texture so you can see there open from outside and peer in.
more insides for ingame fun.
so visit Joes and have a beer on us, we don't no what you want for Christmas
so pop over to the printers & help your self to some cash, maybe have xmas lunch at the bistro share a brandy with the dead dude on the meat hook, or enjoy Christmas dinner at Ma Poulettes, maybe go watch a concert or just go kill a lawyer in the VC Hotel its all in christmas spirit :)

Why Not add the actual Bistro from GTAIII ?
you no we did consider that and it is possible and i was going to alter it (now i have gta3)
then i thought heheh a restaraunt chain does'nt mean there building would be the same in every city, see macdonalds and burger king, piza hut and places like that get there buildings genraly custom made

were as mafia mobs tend to move into town and pick out the nicest building LOL
so we picked one and banged a sign up and moved right in heeheh
Mod Will be Uploaded Soon,
This Video Will Serve as a tutorial on how to get to each place
as you can see were you are on the Little Map in the corner

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