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Warcraft 3 - Campaign: Birth of Shadows

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File Info: Warcraft 3 - Campaign: Birth of Shadows

Warcraft 3 - Campaign: Birth of Shadows
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Also known as:
Warcraft III, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
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Description: Warcraft 3 - Campaign: Birth of Shadows

This is a Warcraft 3 campaign that features groundbreaking and offers hours of interesting warcraft 3 gameplay. for more information check out

Birth of Shadows is a single player RPG in campaign format.

You are advised to use the following settings during gameplay:

Recommended computer resolution: 1280 x 1024
Set Volume to 100%

(Used during beta testing)

Notes: Your hero can not be revived! Therefore it is important to save often.
If we add that dying in this RPG can happen often, saving becomes crucial. Attacking your ally will also end up with defeat. The last cinematic in map 2 (campaign button number 2) may cause lag for people with slow computers.
If that happens, you may skip it by pressing Esc.

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