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GTA Vice CIty - Rage Rail Stunt

File Info: GTA Vice CIty - Rage Rail Stunt

GTA Vice CIty - Rage Rail Stunt
Also known as:
GTA: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City
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Description: GTA Vice CIty - Rage Rail Stunt

RAGE, This film contains the longest grind/rail
I've ever seen. Stunts and editing was performed by Ghostchild.

I did NOT have the intencion of makeing a
GREAT edited film.. I made this JUST to let you
see the grind.. So please dont tell me that this
was a bad edited film..

You are allowed to send this film to anybody, but
the "readme" file HAVE TO be sent with it!!

Please do not take credit for makeing, or doing
the stunt performed in this film..

Thanks to all members of

Tools used: Fraps
Adobe Photoshop

Songs used: Rage Against the Machines - Wake up

If you have any questions about this film please
send them to

Thank you for watching and GOODNIGHT!!


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