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Star Wars Battlefront Server v1.3 [PC]

Download Star Wars Battlefront Server v1.3 [PC]
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File Info: Star Wars Battlefront Server v1.3 [PC]

Star Wars Battlefront Server v1.3 [PC]
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Description: Star Wars Battlefront Server v1.3 [PC]

This is Dedicated Software program allows users to host game for Star Wars Battlefront Beta version 1.3 for the PC. This version is a Beta version for the U.S. only. See the Star Wars Battlefront game update Beta v1.3 for details on the latest improvements and new features.

Note: This version supports the new Battlefront BONUS MISSION entitled Jabba's Palace!

This is the updated Server code version 1.3 for hosting PC games on either home machines or remote servers. This is the required server for hosting games for the updated client version 1.3 being released during the first week of November. This enhancement also allows the server more control including adjusting reinforcement counters, spawn invulnerability and others.

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