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Starsiege: Tribes (Free Game)

Starsiege: Tribes (Free Game)
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Starsiege: Tribes (Free Game)
VU Games
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Description: Starsiege: Tribes (Free Game)

To celebrate the release of Tribes: Vengeance, Vivendi Universal Games and FilePlanet partnered to bring you a free download of the award winning PC action game Starsiege: Tribes.

If you enjoy Tribes, you can purchase Tribes: Vengance on Direct2Drive here!

Tribes Features:
Tribes: Blood Eagle, Diamond Sword, Starwolf and Children of the Phoenix
Real-time tactical battles with your team against multiple opponents
Seamless, open environments for huge battles
Increase your chances of victory with three vehicles
Create your tribe, recruit members and organize team activities
Utilize special packs that can give you the upper-hand
Destroy your enemies with nine weapons, mines and grenades

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