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File Info: Mario

Darklight MW Productions
Also known as:
Mario's FUNdamentals
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Description: Mario

A diffrent kind of Mario.


Controls In Menu:
Shift: Save
Enter: Load
Control: Choose Level
Up Arrow: Play Level
F2: Speed
F3: Music
Controls In Game:
Arrow Keys: Move
Control: Jump
Shift: Shoot fire or hammers

Press Escape to exit this help.

(1 - 10 are training leves, but they still need to be beat to procede to the story!)
1- Basic World
2- Goomas Galore
3- Lakitu's Haunted Mansion
4- Hammer Time
5- Bouncing Blocks
6- Round and Round...
7- Tower of Terror
8- Hammer Time II
9- Crazy Jumps
10- True Test
11 - 20: Grasslands
Boss: Kamek's First Creation
21 - 30: Sky
Boss: Flying Hammer Bro
31 - 40: Forest and Fire Cavern
Boss: Flying Fire Bro
41 - 50: Psycho Castle
Boss: Kamek and Bowser

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