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1337 Hack Pack v.2

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File Info: 1337 Hack Pack v.2

1337 Hack Pack v.2
Also known as:
Half-Life: Counter-Strike
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Description: 1337 Hack Pack v.2

This file replaces all sound, models, and sprites for Counter-Strike 1.6.

1337 Hack Pack Version 2.0

Pack authors: Eclipse, Silentdragon
Doc. author: Eclipse
Date: Friday, January 16, 2004
Pack version: 2.0 Full

This is the second step to what the team thinks will be the future
replacement pack's for a Half-Life mod called Counter-Strike. This pack
was made by me (eclipse), I did not make any of these models,
I either just converted them so they work with Steam/CS 1.6, and I also
matched the hands with MOST models, so they are all the ugly default
white hands.

Place in your steam/cstrike folder (I.E. X:\Program Files\Steam\
(x = your drive letter)


Make backup files there is no uninstaller.

1337 Hack Pack

Replaced all the player skins (CT'S, Terror and hostages)
New Weapons
Some other misc. skins
New Helicopter
New shell
Replaced many sounds
Replaced many sprites (HUD, rifle zooms, sniper crosshairs, radar)
New talk Logo
New explosions
New muzzle flashes
Replaced some other small stuff
New bullet holes
New Load Screen (soon to come)

Counter-Strike is the idea and property of the CS team. Half-Life is a registered trademark and Sierra and Sierra Studios are trademarks of Sierra On-Line Inc.

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