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The Matrix Upgraded

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The Matrix Upgraded
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Description: The Matrix Upgraded

The Matrix Upgraded Mod for Max Payne.

-A Playable Neo skin (made by EON)
-A playable Seraph skin (made by Sentinel)
-A playable Morpheus skin
-A playable Trinity skin
(please note that they are selectable with PGUP/PGDDOWN)
-New levels:
The Chateau (made by theHunted)
The Lobby (Made by kemical)
The Dojo (Made by Ken_Y)
The Roof Level
The Construct (by MasterFusion)
-31 weapons (from Matrixed Reality PuPu Edition)
-Kung Fu 3.0
-New menu's and music (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (wake up) SPYBREAK)

Kenneth Yeung (KUNG FU 3.0)
Weapons (from MRPUPU)
EoN (Neo skin)
Maddieman (Katana)
True Matrix Mod (Minigun)
Hitman Mod (Flamethrower)
PuPu (Psych)
Sentinel (coder & creator of seraph)
theHunted (chateau)
Kemical (Lobby)
Dojo (Ken_Y)
Roof Level (Evilmonkey)
The Construct (Masterfusion and his crew)

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