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Shadowbane 15-Day Free Trial [Mac OSX] (US & Canada Only)

File Info: Shadowbane 15-Day Free Trial [Mac OSX] (US & Canada Only)

Shadowbane 15-Day Free Trial [Mac OSX] (US & Canada Only)
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Description: Shadowbane 15-Day Free Trial [Mac OSX] (US & Canada Only)


Venture into the vigorous world of Shadowbane, a community rich in lore and seething with strife, and seize control of your destiny. Now you can download the full PC or Mac version of Shadowbane FREE and play at no cost for 15 riveting days of battles, sieges, politics, magic, and justice - anything you desire. For in Shadowbane, you command your fate - and the fate of the world around you. Start now!

Since launching in March 2003, Shadowbane has garnered critical acclaim as one of the most innovative massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for the PC. With continued service improvements, new content, and a recently announced expansion pack due out this holiday season, Shadowbane(tm): The Rise of Chaos, this free trial is an excellent opportunity to try out the game that CGW called, "the next great online RPG."

This 15-Day Free Trial now also includes the Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos expansion pack.

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