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Oval Track AddOn Series

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Oval Track AddOn Series
eXtreme Racing League
Also known as:
Formula One Challenge 1999-2002, Formula 1 Challenge '99-'02
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Description: Oval Track AddOn Series

This is a fictional 2003 NASCAR Winston Indy Racing
Season for F1 Challenge 99-02. This add-on has 16 teams
all from the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit 31 drivers and
31 cars. All drivers, Piant schemes and sponcers match
there real counter parts.

CJ1045: Track aiw files (old)
KERM: Paint Schemes, Driver suits, Helmets and Icons.
GMILNO: Race start lights and, invisible wall fixes.
JB-XRL: Track conversions, Physics, Pit Crews, Backgrounds.

Driving Italia Development Team
(All the D.i.D.T. staff)
For allowing us to use there IOR chassis's that
was originally made for the F1 2002 game.

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