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XXXPak Mutators

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XXXPak Mutators
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Unreal Tournament 2, Unreal Tournament II
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Description: XXXPak Mutators

The XXXPak offers up 36 different mutators for UT2003, ranging from weapon mutes (like the shock launcher and rocket launcher magnum) to gamplay mutators (heater to heat up adrenaline, night vision to watch the world in blue, etc.)

RegenX Dispenser: Fire regenerative goo or inject yourself

Beam Cannon: Instantly lethal high intensity laser rifle

Aura Rifle: Can drain/recharge battery with primary fire, heal people with alt fire

SlipSuit: Item which places a near frictionless field around the user, allowing faster running and better jumping

Pulse Launcher: Launches pulse grenades

Powered Down Translocator: Power down the Translocator.

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